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Dproto 0.4.8p - 0.9.582 HLDS serverside crack

Мнение от smurfavr » 26 фев 2015, 23:34

Crock and Lev

DProto е плъгин за metamod който позволява протокол 47 и 48 no-steam клиенти да влизат в сървърите ви.

Версия:0.9.582 Изтегли
Версия:0.9.548 Изтегли
Версия:0.9.391 Изтегли

Предишни стабилни версии:
Версия:  Изтегли
Версия: 0.9.87  Изтегли
Версия: 0.4.8p  Изтегли

Характеристики :

[font=Courier New]- Сървъра приема всички познати клиенти базирани на 47 и 48 протокол.
- Персионализирани SteamID's за клиентите.
- Работи с последната версия на hlds
- Сървърна built in поддръжка.[/font]


Код: Избери всички

- Fixed fake detection on paused server.

- Fixed commands parsing bug.
- Removed multipacket connectionless packets support.

- 6xxx builds support.

- added quick fix against net_message overflow @ Netchan_CopyNormalFragments
- Fixed bug with HLTV SteamID in connect string set as BOT if cid_HLTV is 5.
- Added SteamIdHashSalt config parameter. Added emulator generated SteamIDs hashing.
- Fixed overflow file name format.
- Be lenient to the mod. Do not crash in PEntityOfEntIndex.
- PEntityOfEntIndex bugfix (thanks to PRoSToTeM@). Cleanup.
- Deltas processing bugfix (thanks to PRoSToTeM@). Cleanup.
- Option to log threat details. New config parameter: ThreatsLoggingMode. Spectate command rate limit to 1 per sec.
- Fixed utf8 checking function. Check whole userinfo for utf8 validity.
- Check requested customization in OnHandResources list too.
- Clear downloaded customizations on reconnect (actually on sendres command).
- Fixed bug with RequestedCustomizations cleanup on new connections.
- Increased connection flood burst level a bit to handle multi-protocol clients
- Fixed IsSafeFileToDownload on new builds to allow customizations downloads. Fixed CheckRequestedDlAgainstCustomizations code.
- Fixed custom reject message output for SteamEmu clients.
- Checking customization downloads against client resources. Allow to download existing resources only once. Fixes for client_t structure.

- Added support of upcoming [url=http://cs.rin.ru/forum/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=63814]voice transcoding module[/url]
- Better HLTV client handling to prevent banning.
- Increased sprite replacer storage capacity. Should prevent "Running out of free nodes" server error.
- Security fixes and improvments. Closed one more way of lag out the server.
- Fallback to the server realtime on Windows if there is no QPC.
- Fixed missing skip for bots in fake players check.
- Fixed amxx kick for slot reservation.
- Fixed server-side game bots identification.
- Clearing entity flags on disconnect. This fixes bug when client identified as bot if connects on slot previously occupied by a bot. (Thanks to Turanga_Leela)
Chengelog за по-старите версии:

Код: Избери всички

0.9.187 - 0.9.330:
- Added support for latest HLDS builds
- If EnableSXEIdGeneration = 1, then sXe Injected is used for the generation of SteamID for everyone except steam clients.
- cid_SXEI works correctly now, and it is only used if EnableSXEIdGeneration = 1.
- Added support of RevEmu2013 clients.
- Added dp_rejmsg_sxei and dp_rejmsg_revemu2013 cvars.
- AMXX plugins were updated and now include support for SXEI and RevEmu2013.
- Removed messages like: Unable to load strings pool from file './cstrike/estrpool/estrpool_main.dat'.
- Added fixes for flood with commands like 'new', 'dlfile', 'sendres', 'fullupdate'.
- Check for initial commands order on connect. New FakePlayers_CommandsOrderCheck config option.
- Added checking of requested downloads against precached resources. New Exploits_CheckDownloads config option.
- Added block of file uploads to the server. Added Exploits_DisableUploads config option.
- Ban for repeating connection attempts from same IP.
- Ban for violations in connection protocol.
- Send VoiceInit on new server builds (initializes voice for old clients) (thanks to Chuvi).
- Fixed average PPS calculation. This solves problem with HLSW.
- Loading steam server ID and version from steam.inf and steam_appid.txt files.
- Fixed server info answer: setting proper steam server ID, version, bots count, correct lock status when password set to "none".
- Fixed steam ID generation function to return "BOT" for bots.
- Fixed AY&SY and svc_bad error on new Linux builds.
- Refactored IPRateFilter to not block HLSW.

- Fixed vulnerability used by "FVU" exploit

- fixed "STEAM userid keysize is bogus" error on SteamEmu clients

- fixed "Invalid challenge format" warning when client joins server

- Some bugs fixed (I don't remember what bugs :( )
- Removed subserver and master-client as they are not needed now
- Added challenge checking code to "rules" and "players list" requests handlers

- Fixed steamid generation for Steamclient 2009

- Fixed: VAC Status was always "protected" on Windows servers.
- Moved all options to configure fakeplayers detector to dproto.cfg
- Update sample amxx plugins.
- Added quick fix for vulnerability in netchan's fragment parser
- Enhanced detection of fakeplayers (against Argentinian haxxxorz)

- Improvements/bugfixes in fakeplayers/packet flood detection code
- AMXX API and example plugins updated
- Fixed bug with cid_AVSMP, it was always 1
- Added useful commands for threats monitoring, check Readme.txt

- bugfix, bugfix, bugfix, bugfix....
- Added support for AVSMP clients

- fix for random svc_bads on connect

- proper bots detection method in fakeplayers detector

- fixed problems with AMD engines
- fixed hybrid answer mode
- fakeplayers detector won't kick and ban bots anymore

- fixed crash when working with bans DB (banid)
- fix in new revEmu auth code

- project moved to new versioning system; version format for now is MAJOR.MINOR.REVISION
- added support for latest linux engine.
- added support for new revEmu/SteamClient2009 clients
- added config options to set first prefix of steamid for clients. For example, revEmu clients may be marked as STEAM_4_0_xx
- added 2-level protection against all kinds of fake players
- added protection against flooding server with connectionless (PlayerList, ServerInfo, Rules) queries.
- added option (HLTVExcept_IP) to allow HLTVs from specified address to join the server even if cid_HLTV is 5 (deprectated). May be useful if you using HLTVReport plugin, but you dont want to allow another HLTVs to join your server.
- Source code will not be available anymore.
- (untested) "The VAC problem" (when VAC banned clients are able to join server) should be fixed.

- fixed buffer overflow vulnerability in SV_ParseCvarValue2()
- fixed crash for linux servers, when server started as unprivileged user that not able to write to server root directory.

- fixed problem with dropping clients with "Unknown HLTV Type" message
- fix in anti-svc_bad code, it should work fine now

- fixed: old WON clients (CS patch 21 and lower) unable to join server

- fixed NET_SendPacket error that appears when server tried to drop deprecated client

- implemented fix for "Server failed to transmit file AY&SY" kind of svc_bad's
- UTF8 Chat/Nicknames support completely removed (will add it to another plugin)
- Userinfo filter removed because it does not needed anymore (it was a temporary fix for svc_bad's)
- added separate AuthProvider (dp_r_id_provider cvar) constant for HLTV (check amxx/dp_test.sma)
- fixed GameNameChanger plugins under Windows.
- There are a lot of changes in dproto.cfg. Old configs won't work with this version.

- Using on-the-fly offsets searching for patching.
- dproto now supports all existing (and hopefully future) p48 engines for Windows and Linux (including engine_amd.so/engine_i486.so).
- Fixed vulnerability in SV_ParseVoiceData() used by hlds_vcrash exploit.

- hlds_fuck exploit fixed.
- temporary fix for hlds_vcrash exploit: Patched swds.dll/engine_i686.so, uploaded here and here.

- possible DoS exploit fixed
- added Subserver_IP option in dproto.cfg, used to set interface for subserver; subserver code will be rewrititten in next versions.

- implemented cid_Setti clientid type (for Setti server scanner). Default value is 3 (STEAM_x:x:x generated by ip). This is workaround for situation when server disappears from Setti's serverlist (because Setti scanner can't join the server) when cid_NoSteam47=5 is used. 
- Plugins changing game description (adding timeleft for example) should work correctly now.

- Fixed server response for very old clients (thx to Rulzy)
- Fixed bug when server drops HLTV if cid_NoSteam47/48 is deprecated(5)

- Added server-side emulation support. Currently supported emus are: revEmu, old revEmu ( <= 9.73), hCupa's SteamEmu
- eSTEAMATiON support removed
- local banlist should work correctly
- completely rewritten client authorization code. All problems with UNKNOWN steamids and not working "deprecated" clientids may be fixed.
- there are a lot of changes in dproto.cfg. Old configs won't work with this version

- Fixed: "deprecated" (5) ClientID did not work on cid_SteamPending (STEAM_0:0:0) clients
- Added: Various cvars for customizing reject messages for deprecated clients. Check the "HOW TO CHANGE REJECT MESSAGES WHEN CLIENTID IS 5 (DEPRECATED)" section of Readme for more details.
- Added: dp_version cvar that keeps current dproto version. It is exported to server rules by default, but you can turn the exporting off using ExportVesion option in dproto.cfg
- Added: Capability mode for steamIds generated by eST (to make it as in <= 0.3.0) versions, option OldEstCompatMode in dproto.cfg

- Fixed: "STEAM userid keysize is bogus" on build 4554 (May, 2009) under windows (broken in 0.3.1 version)
- Fixed: Annoying #18 and #19 warnings under windows

- Fixed: dproto gets wrong steamids from eSTEAMATiON.

- Fixed bug with steamid corruption for some no-steam clients

- Added dp_clientinfo command which can be used to get inforamtion about client's protocol. Check the Readme.txt and amxx directory for more info.

- Added support for new engines: 4617 for Linux and 4554 (15 Jun 2009) for Windows.

- Redirection fixed for subserver (thx to GoD2.0);
- Subserver now correctly works with broadcast queries;
- Hybrid serverinfo answer type discovered by ineya, fixes visibility for all clients. Check dproto.cfg

- some compilation problems for linux fixed

Q: Какво е dproto?
A: DProto бе направен за заместител на double-протоколите.Той бе създаден да работи за нов p.48 HLDS така,че всички хар. на steam да бъдат използвани с него.НО той има също и много голям коз - Позволява на стари клиенти да се присъединяват към нови сървъри,всички др. характеристики са на заден план и се добавят по желание на клиента.

Q: Как да инсталирам dproto?
A:1. Отидете в <gamedir>/addons/ и направете нова директория dproto
<gamedir> - директорията на играта; cstrike за Counter-Strike, valve за Half-Life, и т.н
2. Копирайте dproto.dll или dproto_i386.so в <gamedir>/addons/dproto/
3. Отидете в инсталационната директория на metamod (принципно <gamedir>/addons/metamod/) и променете plugins.ini:
За Windows :
win32 addons\dproto\dproto.dll

За Linux:
linux addons/dproto/dproto_i386.so
В началото на файла.
4. Копирайте dproto.cfg в cstrike.
5. Пуснете сървъра.
За Linux:
./hlds_run -binary ./hlds_i686

Когато зареди сървъра, напишете "meta list" в конзолата. Ще видите:

Код: Избери всички

Currently loaded plugins:
description stat pend file vers src load unlod
[ 1] dproto RUN - dproto_i386.so v0.4.3 ini Start Never
[ 2] AMX Mod X RUN - amxmodx_mm_i386. v1.8.1.3 ini Start ANY
2 plugins, 2 running

Q: Инсталирах dproto, но не работи? meta list показва:

Код: Избери всички

1.    Currently loaded plugins :
2.                 description          stat  pend  file                      vers     src  load   unlod
3.        [  1]   dproto                 fail   load dproto_i386.so   v0.3.4  ini  Start  Never

A: Пуснете сървъра със -console +log on +mp_logecho 1 параметри и наблюдавайте конзолата. Ще намерите решението.
Q: AmxModX админите не могат да се authorize(упълномощят) при използването на паролата си.
A: Заменете _pw в dproto.cfg:

ValidInfoFields_Engine = \name\bottomcolor\topcolor\model\cl_lc\cl_lw\cl_updaterate\cl_dlmax\rate\_pw\*hltv\password

Q: Не виждам сървъра си в steam favorites!
A: Настройте ServerInfoAnswerType на 0 или 2 в dproto.cfg

Q: Сървъра ми е не видим в favorites в cs v24!
A: Настройте ServerInfoAnswerType на 1 или 2 в dproto.cfg

Q: Как да направя сървъра си видим за -стари не steam клиенти и steam?
A: Настройте ServerInfoAnswerType на 2 в dproto.cfg

Q: Получавам "Error verifying STEAM UserID Ticket(server was
unable to contact the authentication server)" error когато играя на легален клиент.
Q: Банове за легален SteamID не работят? Клиенти с баннати IDs могат да играят в сървъра.
A: Вашият сървър не може да се conect/lost към steam servers. Не знам метод да проверя връзката към steam сървъри.Ако имате защитен сървър от VAC използвайте stat командата.Ако покаже версия "insecure" или "insecure (secure mode enabled, disconnected from Steam3)"означава ,че връзката към steam сървъри е загубена.Този проблем не е свързан с dproto но ето малко идей как може да се оправите :  
1. Проверете за изходящи TCP връзки дали са позволени до порт 27030.
2. Проверете за изходящи UDP datagrams дали са позволени от local port's 2690x
3. Ако ползвате linux,трябва да добавите +ip <ип-то на сървъра> параметър към команд линията.Аз изпозлвам +ip за пример и работи перфектно.

Q: Сървъра ми не може да бъде показан в мониторинг система.(нещо като gametracker и др.)
A: Това е заради hybrid тип отговор, някой мониторинг скриптове не могат да се справят като хората .Има 3 начина за решаване на проблема : Използвайте стандартни отговори (ServerInfoAnswerType = 1 или 0) или се опитайте сами да се справите, или пишете до support-а/създателите.

Q: Използвам последния engine и сървъра ми не се вижда в интернет листата?
A: Задайте въпроса си към Valve.

Q: Използвам последния engine и сървъра ми пак не се вижда в setti сървър листата?
A: Регистрирайте си сървъра ТУК

Q: Сървъра ми крашва след Х дена работа?
A: Задайте въпроса си към Valve.

Q: Сървъра ми крашва когато инсталирам mod X?  
A: Задайте въпросите на разработчиците или вижте да не сте забравили нещо.

Q: Имам играчи с едни и същи steamid's в сървъра си?Разпознавани са като SteamEmu (dp_SteamEmu)
A: Steamid лесно може да бъде измамен в SteamEmu auth алгоритъм.Неодобрявайте клиентите или ги настройте на не-цифрово id.((STEAM_ID_LAN за пример)

Взето от http://smurfa.bulgarianforum.net
Последна промяна от smurfavr на 28 окт 2017, 12:16, променено общо 6 пъти.

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HL-BG Community
HL-BG Community
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Re: Dproto 0.4.8p - 0.9.547 HLDS serverside crack

Мнение от smurfavr » 20 апр 2015, 15:15

Version 0.9.547:
Fixed SSE from localhost.

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HL-BG Community
HL-BG Community
Мнения: 19
Регистриран: 12 фев 2012, 22:51
Ник в играта: SMURFA-VRATSA
Скайп профил: admina-76
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Re: Dproto 0.4.8p - 0.9.548 HLDS serverside crack

Мнение от smurfavr » 16 авг 2015, 23:21

Version 0.9.548:
Fixed ServerInfo queries from monitorings.

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HL-BG Community
HL-BG Community
Мнения: 19
Регистриран: 12 фев 2012, 22:51
Ник в играта: SMURFA-VRATSA
Скайп профил: admina-76
Вашият пол е: Мъж

Re: Dproto 0.4.8p - 0.9.582 HLDS serverside crack

Мнение от smurfavr » 18 окт 2017, 11:20

Нова версия.
- Fixed fake detection on paused server.


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